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19 Mar 2004 Argh! Server crash combined with unlocatability of recent backups means that you'll all have to make do with this old copy for the moment. Normal service will resume as soon as I find a more recent backup :).
1 Nov 2002 I've added some hints on identifying items early in the dungeon. What should you do with all of those weapons that the orcs keep dropping?
23 Oct 2002 Goblinzking has provided some preliminary spoilers for potions and scrolls in Crawl. Head over to the 'Hints' section to check these out.
17 Oct 2002 Apologies to anyone trying to access the site over the last week or so: there was a major problem at my ISP and I've had to restore the site from an old backup. Normal service will (hopefully) be restored soon :(.
16 Sep 2002 Urk! How time flies! Crawl 4.00 alpha 24 is now the latest version: see the download section. A new tutorial on how to start a character off is available in the hints&spoilers section (ideal for beginners). The dungeon branches spoilers have also been updated.
20 Nov 2001 Crawl 4.00 alpha 20 has been released: see the download section! Moreover, there are new spoilers available in the hints section giving details of all of the unrandom artifacts in Crawl.
21 Aug 2001 Crawl 4.00 beta 19 has been released: grab it from the download section!
11 June 2001 Minor additions this time round: a spell failure rate page has been added to the Hints section and minor changes in beta/prerelease terminology have been made to the Downloads page :). Coming soon are full spoilers on weapons and armour!
6 June 2001 More spoilers have been added, including a complete list of the skill aptitudes for all of the races and a full spell list including damage spoilers for the combat spells. The guide to the various branches of the dungeon is finally done, too!
4 June 2001 Lots of additions: a guide to weapon brands and weapon types has been added to the Hints page, full spoilers on the Gods are available, and lots more is on its way! Watch this space...
23 May 2001 Welcome to AADS! Over the next few months I hope to expand this site to become the definitive Crawl reference guide. Please mail me if you have any suggestions as to what you'd like to see, or have any useful tips and tricks you'd like to share.

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