Crawl Hints and Spoilers

Hints and Spoilers
Crawly Links

Since not all people want to be spoiled to the same extent, the info on this page is marked with the level of spoilerage it contains. If you see no spoiler, then the information contains only the least of spoilers. Medium-level spoilers are marked with spoiler, while the sort of info you can only glean by grovelling through the source is marked with SPOILER.

On to the spoilers!

no spoilerA Beginner's Tutorial: the life and death of a Crawl character
no spoilerA guide to dungeon features
no spoilerA guide to the Gods
no spoilerSpell ability ranks in order
spoilerIdentifying items
no spoilerThe Abyss and how to escape it
spoilerA guide to Spellbooks and what's in them
spoilerA list of all the spells in Crawl
spoilerGoblinzKing's guide to potions in Crawl
spoilerGoblinzKing's guide to scrolls in Crawl
spoilerWhat does "This weapon is good for the strong" mean?
spoilerA guide to dungeon branches
SPOILERWeapon brands and what they do
SPOILERA complete guide to the Gods
SPOILERA complete guide to the spells in Crawl
SPOILERHow hungry does casting a spell make you?
SPOILERSkill aptitudes for all races
SPOILERSpoilers on all of the Nonrandom artifacts

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