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Ahh, potions. One of the two main magical tools in Crawl. Impossible for mummies to use. Well, here they are, in the order I found the descriptions in. I know I'm missing quite a lot, so if you have one I don't send the name and its description to goblinzking@hotmail.com and I'll put you in the thanks part in the bottom of this document. So far it only has me (and Linley, of course) in it so GET SENDING ALREADY. Well here they are:
Potion of Levitation "A potion which confers great buoyancy on one who consumes it"
I don't know about the bonuses in combat this gives, but I DO know that it stops you picking up stuff (unless you have an amulet of controlled flight).
Potion of Heal Wounds "A magical healing elixir which causes wounds to close and heal almost instantly. If one uses it when they are at or near full health, it can also repair permanent injuries"
A healing potion on steroids, at lower levels plain healing is not enough. That's when you need to crack open one of these babies. Sounds like a beer ad doesn't it? It heals about 30-40 hp in my knowledge, but it may be a percentage.
Potion of Slowing "A potion which slows your actions"
One of the potions sought after by transmuters and destroyed by everyone else. Just something to prevent you quaffing potions to identify them. It slows you down to half speed or worse.
Potion of Restore Abilities "A potion which restores the abilities of one who drinks it"
If you've drunk a potion of degeneration or a god has cursed you or a creature has reduced one of your stats, you'll want one of these. Keep them just in case.
Potion of Gain (Strength/Intelligence/Dextirity) "A potion of beneficial mutation"
I love these things. Think of them as a permanent +1 to a stat, because that's what they are. I quaff them when I find them, but I suppose stockpiling them would have its uses... can't think of any right now, though.
Potion of Strength "A magic potion which greatly increases the strength and physical power of one who drinks it"
Increases your strength by about five points and great to have in an emergency or in the middle of a crowd. What else is there to say about it?
Potion of Degeneration "A noxious concoction which can do terrible things to your body, brain and reflexes"
Like give you a -1 to -3 to one of your stats. It's not permanent, but it stays around for the next couple of thousand turns. And the only way to get rid of it is a potion of restore abilities.
Potion of Healing "A blessed fluid which heals some wounds, clears the mind, and cures diseases. If one uses it when they are at or near perfect health, it can also slightly repair permanent injuries"
Only good against poison or confusion, but can be a help in healing on the higher levels. Keep all the ones you find, because you'll find yourself downing them like crazy when you want to heal but don't want to wait.
Potion of Speed "An enchanted beverage which speeds the actions of anyone who drinks it"
Does what it says on the box. Doubles your speed or thereabouts. A spriggan after one of these is just lightning.
Potion of Poison "A nasty poisonous liquid"
Another potion that is sought by transmuters, this nasty thing will eat up about thirty hp before going away. Think of it as draino with rat poison.

Thanks to -
Me, goblinzking, for writing this damn thing.
Linley for making a mighty fine game. Does that phrase remind anyone else of a certain song..?

By the way, I'm making amulet and wand versions of these too so send me those descriptions and names at goblinzking@hotmail.com.


Copyright (C) Mark Mackey and Matthew Williams 2002