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Here are all (as of version b18) of the nonrandom artifacts in Crawl. Some of these are rarer than others: Shadows and Cekogob pop up nearly every game, but I've yet to find the crown of Dyrovepreva. Note that some of the artifacts here are possessed by specific monsters who you will have to find and overcome before you can gain the item. These generally are considered 'unholy', so don't use them if you are a follower of Zin!

The Singing sword

+7 +6 longsword

Description: This blessed weapon loves nothing more than to sing to its owner, whether they want it to or not.

It makes noises continously.

The Wrath of Trog

+3 +11 battleaxe

Description: This was the favourite weapon of the old god Trog, before he lost it one day. It induces a bloodthirsty berserker rage in anyone who uses it to strike another.

50% chance on going berserk when you attack a monster with it.

The Scythe of Curses

+11 +11 scythe

Description: This weapon carries a terrible and highly irritating curse.

Occasionally curses a random inventory item.

The Mace of Variability

(-4 to +7) (-4 to +7) mace

Description: It is rather unreliable

Its plusses vary randomly.

The Glaive of Prune

+0 +12 glaive

Description: It is the creation of a mad god, and carries a curse which transforms anyone possessing it into a prune. Fortunately, the curse works very slowly, and one can use it briefly with no consequences worse than slightly purple skin and a few wrinkles.

The Sceptre of Torment

+7 +6 mace

Description: This truly accursed weapon is an instrument of Hell.

Occasionally casts 'torment' when you attack with it, and sometimes for no reason.

The Sword of Zonguldrok

+9 +9 long sword

Description: This dreadful weapon is used at the user's peril.

Occasionally raises the dead against you.

The Sword of Cerebov

+6 +6 great sword

Description: Flames cover its twisted blade

Cursed, Flame damage

The Staff of Dispater

+4 +4 staff

Description: This legendary item can unleash the fury of Hell.

Casts Hellfire when invoked, decreasing both your hp and mp. The power of the Hellfire is dependent on your experience level and Spellcasting skill.

The Sceptre of Asmodeus

+7 +7 mace

Description: It carries some of the powers of the arch-fiend Asmodeus.

When invoked will randomly summon devils, throw a fire, lightning or draining bolt or summon Hellfire. The power of the effect is dependent on your experience level and Spellcasting skill.

The Sword of Power

+0 +0 great sword

Description: It rewards the powerful with power and the meek with weakness.

Its plusses roughly equal (your hp)/13 - 3.

The Knife of Accuracy

+27 -1 knife

Description: It is almost unerringly accurate.

The Staff of Olgreb

+0 +0 staff

Description: It was the magical weapon wielded by the mighty wizard Olgreb before he met his fate somewhere within these dungeons. It grants its wielder resistance to the effects of poison and increases their ability to use venomous magic, and carries magical powers which can be invoked by one skilled in the use of magic.

Its plusses depend on your skill with poison magic

On invoking casts Olgreb's Toxic Radiance and Venom Bolt simultaneously for 4mp. The chance of failure is dependent on your Spellcasting skill: 11 guarantees success.

The Vampire's Tooth

+3 +4 dagger

Description: It is lethally vampiric

It greatly increases your hunger rate

It is significantly more vampiric than 'normal' vampiric weapons: you are healed a greater proportion of the damage you do.

The Staff of Wucad Mu

+0 +0 staff

Description: Its power varies in proportion to its wielder's intelligence. Using it can be a bit risky.

Its plusses are +(INT-3), +(INT/2) (roughly)

Channels magical power to the user, with the chance of a 'miscast spell' effect. Occasionally gives a 'miscast spell' effect when you attack with it


+7 +8 vorpal longsword

Abilities: go berserk, forces berserk

Ring of Shadows

ring of invisibility

Abilities: +4 EV, life protection, see invis, -3 to hit

Long Sword of Flaming Death

+6 +2 flaming long sword

Abilities: fire resistance, cold vulnerability, resist poison, resist magic

Shield of Ignorance

+5 large shield

Abilities: +2 AC, +2 EV, -6 INT, life protection

Holy Armour of Zin

+6 plate mail

Abilities: +3 STR, life protection, resist magic

Robe of Augmentation

+0 Robe

Abilities: +2 STR, +2 INT, +2 DEX

mace of Brilliance

+5 +5 mace of holy wrath

Abilities: +3 AC, +1 INT, fire resistance

cloak of the Thief

+1 cloak

Abilities: +2 EV, +2 DEX, see invisible, turn invisible, -3 damage


+10 buckler

Abilities: -3 EV

crown of Dyrovepreva

+3 helmet

Abilities: +2 INT, electricity resistance, see invisible, speed metabolism


+13 +4 vampiric demon blade

Abilities: -1 AC, -1 EV, -1 INT, -1 STR, -1 DEX, life protection


Amulet of warding

Abilities: +1 AC, +1 EV, electricity resistance, poison resistance, life protection, prevents teleport, speed metabolism

Robe of Misfortune

-5 robe cursed

Abilities: -4 EV, -2 STR, -2 INT, -2 DEX, makes noises, prevents spellcasting, causes rapid mutation


Copyright (C) Mark Mackey 2001