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Most special damage is dependent of the normal damage of the weapon, so more damage the weapon causes, the better. Details on all of the weapon brands follow: in all of these 'D' refers to the amount of damage that blow caused just from the weapon itself. If the extra damage depends on D (eg vorpal weapons), then the brand is more useful on a high-damage weapon. If not (eg electrocution), then the brand is more useful on a high-speed weapon which can strike more often.

Flame/Frost Flaming and freezing are the weakest enchantments.
Creature typeExtra damage
Normal 1 to D/2
Resistant (1 to D/2) / 3
Susceptible 1 to D
Holy Wrath Holy wrath is only useful against demonic creatures and undead.
Creature typeExtra damage
Undead 1 to D
Demons (1 to D) *1.5
Electrocution Electrocution weapons do no damage to flying monsters (they aren't grounded) or electrical creatures. Against all other creatures there is a 1 in 3 chance of doing 1 to 28 damage per hit, with a bias towards the average damage (it's actually calculated as 3d28/3).
Orc slaying These do 1 to D extra damage to orcs.
Venom There is a 25% chance per hit that the monster will be poisoned.
Speed No extra damage, but you can attack roughly twice as often.
Draining Undead and demons are not affected by weapons of draining. For all other creatures, there is a 66% chance per hit that the monster will be drained, doing 1 to D/2 extra damage, reducing its hit points and maximum hit points by a further 2-4 points, and 20% of the time reducing the creature's hit dice (and hence its chance to hit, among other things). Note that when you drain a monster's hit dice and max hp you reduce the amount of experience you will get for killing it!
Vorpal Does 1 to D/2 extra damage to all creatures
Vampiric Does no extra damage. If the monster is not demonic or undead, has an 80% chance of healing you 1 to D hp and lessening your hunger somewhat.
Disruption Has a 66% chance of doing 1 to 3*D extra damage to undead creatures.
Pain Against 'natural' or holy monsters (ie not undead or demons), has a chance of doing 1 to (your Necromancy skill)*2 damage. The chance is dependent on your Necromancy skill and is automatic at skill level 7.
Distortion Heals blink frogs. Against other critters:
33% Space bends, 1 to 7 extra damage
22% Space warps, 3 to 26 extra damage
15% Blinks the monster
15% Teleports the monster
7.5% Kills the monster
7.5% Does nothing

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