The Gods of Crawl

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Here are the gods of Crawl. If you need more information, a completely spoily page on each of the religions is available here

Zin is an ancient and revered God, dedicated to the establishment of order and the destruction of the forces of chaos and night. Valued worshippers can gain a variety of powers useful in the fight against the evil, but must abstain from the use of necromancy and other forms of unholy magic. Zin appreciates long-standing faith as well as sacrifices of valued objects.
Shining One
The Shining One is a powerful crusading deity, allied with Zin in the fight against evil. Followers may be granted with the ability to summarily dispense the wrath of heaven, but must never use any form of evil magic and should fight honourably. The Shining One appreciates long-standing persistence in the endless crusade, as well as the dedicated destruction of unholy creatures.
Kikubaaqudgha is a terrible Demon-God, served by those who seek knowledge of the powers of death. Followers gain special powers over the undead, and especially favoured servants can call on mighty demons to slay their foes. Kikubaaqudgha requires the deaths of living creatures as often as possible, but is not interested in the offering of corpses except at an appropriate altar.
Yredelemnul is worshipped by those who seek powers over death and the undead without having to learn to use necromancy. Followers can raise legions of servile undead and gain a number of other useful (if unpleasant) powers. Yredelemnul appreciates killing, but prefers corpses to be put to use rather than sacrificed.
Xom is a wild and unpredictable God of chaos, who seeks not worshippers but playthings to toy with. Many choose to follow Xom in the hope of receiving fabulous rewards and mighty powers, but Xom is nothing if not capricious.
Vehumet is a God of the destructive powers of magic. Followers gain various useful powers to enhance their command of the hermetic arts, and the most favoured stand to gain access to some of the fearsome spells in Vehumet's library. One's devotion to Vehumet can be proved by the causing of as much carnage and destruction as possible.
Okawaru is a dangerous and powerful God of battle. Followers can gain a number of powers useful in combat as well as various rewards, but must constantly prove themselves through battle and the sacrifice of corpses and valuable items.
Makhleb the Destroyer is a fearsome God of chaos and violent death. Followers, who must constantly appease Makhleb with blood, stand to gain various powers of death and destruction. The Destroyer appreciates sacrifices of corpses and valuable items.
Sif Muna
Sif Muna is a contemplative but powerful deity, served by those who seek magical knowledge. Sif Muna appreciates sacrifices of valuable items, and the casting of spells as often as possible.
Trog is an ancient God of anger and violence. Followers are expected to kill in Trog's name and sacrifice the dead, and in return gain power in battle and occasional rewards. Trog hates wizards, and followers are forbidden the use of spell magic.
Nemelex Xobeh
Nemelex is a strange and unpredictable trickster God, whose powers can be invoked through the magical packs of cards which Nemelex paints in the ichor of demons. Followers receive occasional gifts, and should use these gifts as as much as possible. Offerings of any type of item are also appreciated.
Elyvilon the Healer is worshipped by the healers (among others), who gain their healing powers by long worship and devotion. Although Elyvilon prefers a creed of pacifism, those who crusade against evil are not excluded. Elyvilon appreciates the offering of weapons.

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